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Reclaim Health (India)

Why Choose Reclaim Health India?

Certified Nutrition Coaches

Our team is well knowledge about the lasts scinific approaches and deals with knowledge and vast experience across issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic health an fitness.


Nutrition Strategies

Whether you are vegetarian, non vegetarian or eating eggs only, Based on our analysis we provide a wide range of nutrition meals right from Moderate carbs, Low carbs To Keto and Carnivore.


Individual Support

Our personalised weekly sessions and constant support on chat and calls will help you go through this journey with ease and comfort


Excercise Daily

We help you build a healthy and sustainable excercise routine, with gradual progression in building your lean muscle

What We Offer

Nutrition, Fasting and Exercise Coaching


Diet and Nutrition

Keeping in mind Indian eating patterns and taste buds, A program to fit your lifestyle helping you with health and wellness goals.


Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is an effective and sustainable addition to be made to your lifestyle. We help you build a fasting routine with required support.


Fitness Training

Work with our Personal training
coach to build muscles and achieve your fitness goals.

Change Your Life in the next 90 Days of Practice

Our exclusive Nutrition Coaching session with help you make sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve your goals of health and wellness. Get in touch with us to work with the best Certified and experienced team.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

We will design a personilsed well formulated meal plan as per your food habits and lifestyle.

Personalized Exercises Plan

We coach you towards building your fasting routine with a personalised exercise schedule if required

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How IT Works

4 Easy Steps For Happy Life

Contact Us

Tell us about your challenges and goals in achieving a healthy life. We will help you pick a right plan


Pick a plan for your goals. Our personalised video sessions and indepth interactions focused to help you


In our discovery sessions, our team analyses in-depth your lifestyle, disease, challenges and health issues

Happy Life

We help you make lifestyle changes that are easy and sustainable and can be done for the rest of your life.