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Why Low Carb

Why Low Carb

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Why Low carb

The world today is doused with over abundance and consumption of Carbohydrates. The Standard Indian Diet is 90 percent carbohydrates with negligible amounts of protein and essential fats and micronutrients. This can be disastrous and is the leading cause of all metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, thyroid etc. A low carb diet aims to correct this flaw in our diet. A low carb diet is misconstrued as a zero carb or a starvation diet which is far from the truth. A low carb diet is a diet where you consume Carbohydrates as per your needs, activity levels in unprocessed whole form and prioritize Protein and essential Fat in the diet. Indians are extremely deficient in protein, and on a low carb diet Protein gets prioritized, this helps in revitalizing the Individual’s health to optimum levels provided micronutrient intake is also taken care of. Speaking of Micronutrients, excess carbohydrate intake causes malabsorption of certain micronutrients which can cause deficiencies.

Types of Low Carb Diets

Standard Low Carb

Standard Low Carb diet is a diet where a person has whole food form of carbohydrates as per his activity levels and prioritizes Protein and Fat. The quantity of carbohydrates the person consumes will depend upon if he is sedentary or active, his sex and age and his metabolic health. Low carb diets are often helpful in weight loss, keeping insulin levels down and general well being

Ketogenic Diet

A Ketogenic diet is the diet that helps change metabolic pathways of an individual which help induce a state of ketosis. This state is achieved by keeping carbohydrates to bare minimum which is less than 30gms, increasing fat in the diet (approx. 75% of the total calories) and moderate protein. The state of Ketosis means that your body is now burning fat instead of glucose for fuel. The benefits of ketogenic diet apart from weight loss are Reduced Insulin levels, Reduced inflammation, improved Lipid profile, Reduced joint pains, diabetes remission, improved cognition, improved mood and energy levels.